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Visual Arts includes art forms like ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and architecture - just to name a few! Keep an eye out for current and upcoming class offerings; remember, enrollment is on a first-come first-serve basis. Don’t miss out!

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Elements of Art | Grades K-3

The goal of this class is to introduce students to the Elements of Art.  The concepts of Line, Shape, Form, Color, Texture, Space and Value will be taught, and the students will create original works of art based on these elements.  This class teaches students what these basic building blocks are, while incorporating different artists and styles.  The focus is on how to use these seven elements in different ways.  As Pablo Picasso said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”  This class teaches students the fundamentals necessary to become amazing young artists.

Expressive Drawing | Grades K-3

The goal of this Expressive Drawing class is to encourage students to explore self expression through drawing, utilizing the creative process as a mode of communication, experimentation, expression, emotion and personal reflection. Students will be encouraged to use art as a positive outlet while improving upon artistic skills and quality of work. Additionally they will be discussing and mindfully critiquing works created using SMARTS criteria. Students will be experimenting with mixed media, incorporating different artistic styles and elements while emphasizing thoughtful execution. This class will focus on providing students with the skills necessary for self expression, a greater understanding of expressive drawing and art’s ability to evoke emotion.

Experimenting with Materials | Grades K-3

The goal of this class is to introduce students to a variety of art media.  These classes will allow students to experiment with materials and learn how to create in both 2-D and 3-D formats.  Each week a new medium will be introduced and taught.  These mediums will be both traditional and non-traditional.  The focus of this class is encourage creative thinking and teach the thought process that artists use when creating unique works.

Collaborative Art - “Different Worlds - One Planet” | Grades 1-12

In this class we will be working on a collaborative collage that emphasizes uniqueness and differences and the beauty that comes from all the variety we have to offer. The artwork created by each age group will be interlocking upon it's completion to signify individuals coming together as one, stressing unification while embracing diversity. This piece will consist of three segments depicting the globe with oceans and stylize landmasses existing on their own layers. Each group of students will be given a segment to build and layer upon. We will be focusing on building, body, variety and texture, using collage, drawings, paint and an array of objects. This class will strengthen teamwork and communication. As students work together, their own ideas and art will be intact, preserving individual taste, style and personality. This piece will embody the concept that together we all form a beautiful tapestry.

Visual Language | Grades 1-12

This is a hybrid class that incorporates the elements of creative writing married with visual imagery.  The goal of this class is for students to learn basic creative writing skills while exploring how the relationship between visual art and language intertwine.  The projects will incorporate descriptive writing, imagination, illustration, and innovative ways to tell stories both with and without words.  At the end of the class, students will be able to generate story ideas and bring characters to life.

American Institute of Architects - “Planned City” | Grades 6-12

If you could design a city, what would it be?  Would it be as big Pittsburgh or as small as Columbiana or somewhere in between?  Does your city have roads and rivers, parks and lakes, public buildings and houses?  This course will introduce city planning and its importance.  Along with that, we will introduce and discuss different building types and spaces within a city.  We will look at housing, churches, parks and monuments, stadiums and sports arenas, and civic buildings.  Then we will bring them all together… and this will become your city.

Class projects include space planning, drawing, rendering, model building, clay sculpting and city building.

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Holiday Card Making Class | Grades 3-12

SMARTS held its second annual holiday card making class with students. This is a time to come out and learn about graphic card design and create original holiday themed cards.  This is our second card making class this season. The first class focused on original design and printmaking, and this class will focus on design and color.  Our visual art teacher will guide students through the process of creating a great image for a holiday card.  All of our classes are taught by professional artists and educators.  Each student will design a card that centers around one of the three themes for this year; Unity, Peace and Love, and Youngstown’s Winter Wonderland.  We look forward to seeing your original creations.  SMARTS will professionally print 2 students’ designs and sell them in the SMARTS store with proceeds to benefit future SMARTS classes.